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Tailor-made or Ready-to-wear, your choice.

All our collection is available tailor-made and in standard sizes : xs, s, m, l

With no price difference.

Luxurious basics made to last

We have for mission to dress all women and make it easier for them. Our collections are made of great basics that we all need in our closet and will wear year after year. 

We choose our fabrics with the biggest care, they are soft, comfortable and high quality, made to last a lifetime.

GERMAIN sur-mesure has one goal : make your everyday looks chic but casual at the same time without having to even think about it in the morning.

The guarantee that your clothe fits perfectly

Our main goal is to satisfy fully our clients. If your tailor-made clothe doesn't fit perfectly, retouching will be done for free in our Atelier or at your local tailor.


A luxurious cashmere

Shop our sweaters

Our engagement against textile waste

Each of our coats, sweaters, jackets ... is designed especially for you.

By working on demand for tailor-made clothes but also for standard sizes we only produce what we need, nothing more!

Together, we fight every day against the extremely polluting overproduction

in the fashion industry.

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